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Knowledge of the techniques for supporting the parallelism in computer systems. Ability to implement parallel applications.
Computer Architecture 1
* Introduction, Pipeline review. * Dynamic Instruction Scheduling * Tomasulo: An Efficient Algorithm for Exploiting Multiple Arithmetic Units * Branch Prediction: speculation of branch condition and branch target. * Predictor types, Bimodal, BHSR, BHT, PHT, 2-level adaptive, GAg, PAg, PAs. Other predictors (gshare, gselect, tournament). * Introduction to Superscalar Processor: general scheme and Renaming. * Full-System Simulator for single-core and multi-core systems. * Superscalar execution example: Re-Order Buffer and Instruction Window. Case studies: MIPS, Alpha, AMD, Pentium. * Software methods to extract Instruction Level Parallelism. * Introduction to multiprocessor systems, Flynn's taxonomy, UMA, NUMA, COMA systems, programming models * Coherence Protocols: Write Update, Write Invalidate, Hybrid. Snoopy based protocols: the MESI and DRAGON protocols * Memory Consistency Models: Sequential Consistency and Relaxed Consistency * Introduction to parallel programming. * Parallelsim and Performance * CUDA Architecture and Programming Elements * Introduction to OpenMP, Cilk, OpenMPI, Dataflow programming models. * Advanced topics: reconfigurable computing; datacenters.
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