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Written examination followed by oral examination. Passing (mark non less then 18/30) the written mid_term+final_term permits to avoid the written exam for the first two regular exams of the academic year (the oral part must be performed in any case). Optionally, you can present a group project (max 3 people) which contributes to the final mark up to 8/30 to be added to the final mark obtained after written and oral exam, in case of a technical project. Instead of the project one can present a technical paper discussion which contributes up to 3/30. The weighs are as follows: oral 50%, written part 50% (alternatively for the written part: mid_term 25%, final_term 25%).
 Notes on the final PROJECT
  • The final project is totally optional and for those who are interested in it, the project must be booked at least 3 weeks before the exam date.
  • Both in the written and oral exams (but also in the projects) the student is mainly required to show his/her detailed understanding of the topic, at least at the level shown by the teacher during the lesson. It's greatly appreciated the capacity of reasoning on the problem, rather than a mechanical (pedant) description of the topic.
  • In case of written exercise, we mainly look at the correctness of the solution (in terms of numbers) and a very short justification of the chosen way to carry out the exercise (lengthy general wording is completely unnecessary).
  • In case of oral question, the topic is typically one of the concepts illustrated during the lesson. Elements that are required are, for instance: the proof of the concept/theorem, precise schematic of the system, detailed behavior and functioning, reasons why this solution is used in the real-world.