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Advanced Database Systems, 2016-2017

Final exam and final assignament
Information about the final exam and the final assignament is available in this page.

Students are invited to register to the newsgroup of the course. The registration allows to access the material of the course and to share comunications, questions and answers about the course.

In order to register:

  1. go to the URL ;
  2. Register as a user of Google groups, if you have not an account, yet;
  3. Insert your user name and password;
  4. Ask to be added to the users of the group by inserting name, surname and ID (Matricola);
  5. Wait for the teacher's acceptance
Course material
The material on this page is stored on and is available only to the users of the neswgroup. If the hyperlinks are not working, check whether you are currently connected to google groups.

The course material will be completed later during the course.


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