About me

I am a Professore Aggregato of Artificial Intelligence at the Dept. of Information Engineering and Mathematics (DIISM) of the Univ. of Siena (Italy). I am the Chair of the IAPR-TC3 (International Association for Pattern Recognition Technical Committee 03 - Neural Networks & Computational Intelligence), and an Associate Editor of the journal Neural Processing Letters (Springer). Previously I served as Vice-Chair of the IAPR-TC3 (years 2013-2014 and 2015-2016), and I held the Secretariat of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (years 2005-2006).

My scientific interests embrace artificial neural networks (ANN), probabilistic interpretation of ANNs, probabilistic graphical models for sequences, machine learning for graphical/structured data, combination of ANNs and graphical models. Applications include automatic speech recognition, forensic anthropology, and bioinformatics.

My books

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