I received my Laurea "Cum Laude" in Computer Science from the University of Milano (Italy) in 1990, with a research thesis in the area of hypertext systems. In 2001 I received my PhD in Automation and Information Engineering from the University of Firenze (Italy), under the supervision of Prof. Marco Gori, defending a Thesis titled "Robust Combination of Neural Networks and Hidden Markov Models for Speech Recognition".

Further education

I attended several specialization schools, including: "Neural Networks Summer School" at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge (UK); "Workshop/School on Artificial Neural Networks and Learning Algorithms" at DIRO, Université de Montreal (Canada); "International School on Neural Nets E. R. Caianiello: Adaptive Processing of Temporal Information" at IIASS, Vietri sul Mare (Italy); "MS Windows Advanced Programming" at the Microsoft University, Milano (Italy); R.Y.L.A. Master Course in Business Administration and Company Management, Abano (Italy); "Fulcrum FullText Advanced Programming", at Datamat, Roma (Italy).

Professional experience

From 1990 to the end of 1993 I worked as a Project Leader (eventually, Head of the Vertical Projects Division) at SGS-Elsag SpA. From 1994 to 2000 I was a research scientist at ITC-irst (nowadays known as FBK) in Trento, Italy, in the area of Interactive Sensory Systems. Since December 2000 I have been carrying out my research and teaching activities at the DIISM, University of Siena, Italy, where I am a tenured Professore Aggregato in Artificial Intelligence. I also have been a Visiting fellow several times at various Universities over three Continents.

Teaching experience

I taught more than 50 courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. Subjects include Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Bioinformatics, Theoretical Computer Science, Digital Computers. Some time in the past I lectured also at LIACS (University of Leiden, the Netherlands), DIRO (Université de Montreal, Canada), and UOW Faculty of Informatics (University of Wollongong, Australia).


My research interests include artificial neural networks (ANNs), statistical pattern recognition, and machine learning. I am particularly concerned with using ANNs for estimating probabilistic quantities, either jointly with HMMs/graphical models, or as stand-alone density estimation tools (an amazingly under-rated and still unsolved problem). I am profoundly interested in graph-based machineries (e.g., probabilistic graphical models) and machines that can learn from graphs (e.g., density estimators defined over structured domains). I have been involved in national and international projects of scientific and technological relevance in the fields of speech processing, robotics, forensics, and bioinformatics (including the EU ERC-funded projects VODIS/VODIS II - SpeechDatCar, the Japanese MITI-funded project Real World Computing, and several MURST/MIUR-funded projects). I am the author of more than 70 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Boards of Master/Doctoral Schools

I am an Associate Faculty member of the PhD Program in Smart Computing and I am currently joining the Faculty of the Doctorate School of Genetics, Oncology and Clinical Medicine (both offered jointly by the Universities of Siena, Firenze, and Pisa). Previously I was a Board member of the following Master/Doctoral Schools:
• PhD programme in Computer Science (joint: Pisa, Firenze, and Siena)
• Master in Bioinformatics "A. Del Lungo" (Univ. Siena)
Master GINTS (Univ. Siena)
PhD Program in Cognitive Sciences (Univ. Siena)
Doctoral School in Mathematical Logic, Informatics and Bioinformatics (Univ. Siena)
Doctoral School of Oncology and Genetics (Univ. Siena)

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