Address (Siena)

Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione e delle Scienze Matematiche

Università di Siena

Via Roma, 56

53100, Siena, Italy

Biographical Sketch

May 28th, 1999 Graduated in Informatic Enginereering at the University "Roma Tre".

January 31th, 2003 Obtained Ph.D. in Operations Research at the University of Rome "La Sapienza".

March, 2003 Obtained a Assegno di Ricerca on "Models and Algorithms for train scheduling problems" at the University "Roma Tre".

October, 2004 Obtained a Assegno di Ricerca at the University of Siena.

March, 2006 Assistant Professor in Operations Research at the University of Siena (Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'informazione).

November, 2019 Associate Professor in Operations Research at the University of Siena (Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'informazione e delle Scienze Matematiche).


Network Optimization (A.A. 2019-2020)

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Metodi di Ottimizzazione - Pianificazione delle attività (A.A. 2019-2020)

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Research Interests

Complex Job Shop Scheduling Problems.

Metaheuristics for Combinatorial Optimization.

Application to real world problems (traffic control, healthcare management...).

Multiobjective optimization.

International Journal Publications

Chapters on International/National Volumes

  • Agnetis A., Delgado I., Jimeno J., Pranzo M., Vicino A.

    Active consumer characterization and aggregation

    Integration of demand response into the electricity chain (Eds. A. Losi, P. Mancarella, A. Vicino ), John Wiley & Sons,�2016.

  • Pacciarelli D., Meloni C., Pranzo M.

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  • Corman F., D'Ariano A., Pacciarelli D., Pranzo M.

    Railway dynamic traffic management in complex and densely used networks

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  • A. Agnetis, P. Detti, E. Giovannoni, M. Pranzo

    La Data Envelopment Analysis per la misurazione delle performance aziendali.

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  • A. Agnetis, P. Detti, E. Giovannoni, M. Pranzo

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    In Governance, Strategia e Misurazione delle Performance a cura di C. Busco, A. Riccaboni, A. Saviotti, Capitolo 7, pp 195-215, 2007. Knowita. ISBN 978-88-95786-00-1

Selected Conference Proceedings

  • Appello A., Laurino M., Pranzo M.

    A Mathematical Model to assess the influence of parallelism in a Semiconductor Back-End Test Floor

    1st International Test Conference in Asia (ITC-Asia 2017), Taipei, settembre 2017

  • Dellino G., Meloni C., Pranzo M.

    Risk-aware scheduling of elective surgeries

    Proceedings of the International Conference on Health Care System Engineering (HCSE 2013). Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, vol. 61, pp 139-147, 2014.

  • Agnetis A., Dellino G., De Pascale G., Innocenti G., Pranzo M., Vicino A.

    Optimization models for consumer flexibility aggregation in smart grids: The ADDRESS approach

    2011 IEEE 1st International Workshop on Smart Grid Modeling and Simulation (SGMS 2011), Brussels, 2011

  • Corman F., D'Ariano A., Pacciarelli D., Pranzo M.

    Optimal inter-area coordination of train rescheduling decisions

    19th International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory (ISTTT19), Berkeley, 2011

  • Corman F., D'Ariano A., Hansen I.A., Pacciarelli D., Pranzo M.

    Dispatching trains during seriously disrupted traffic situations

    International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control (ICNSC 2011), Delft, 2011

  • D'Ariano A., D'Urgolo P., Pacciarelli D., Pranzo M.

    Optimal sequencing of aircrafts take-off and landing at a busy airport

    13th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC 2010), Funchal, 2010

  • Agnetis A., Colombai R., Coppi A., Corsini M., Detti P., Dellino G., Di Stefano L., Meloni C., Porfido E., Pranzo M., Veneziani A.

    Un modello matematico per la pianificazione dell'attivita' operatoria.

    VII convegno nazionale AMNDO sulle Sale Operatorie, Roma (Italy), 2010. Winner of the best poster prize.

  • Corman F., D'Ariano A., Pacciarelli D., Pranzo M.

    A tabu search algorithm for rerouting trains during rail operations.

    INFORMS 2007, Seattle, 2007. Winner of the best RASIG student paper award.

  • D'Ariano A., Pranzo M.

    An advanced real-time train dispatching system for minimizing the propagation of delays in a dispatching area under severe disturbances.

    IAROR RailHannover2007 conference. Winner of the best student paper award.

  • Pacciarelli D., Pranzo M.

    Speed regulation in rail networks

    11th IFAC Symposium on Control in Transportation Systems (CTS2006), Delft, 2006

  • D'Ariano A., Pranzo M.

    A real time train dispatching system based on blocking time theory.

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    A Tabu Search algorithm for the railway scheduling problem

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    Train scheduling in a regional railway network

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