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Research projects

Research Projects and Coordination Actions

2014-2016: "Evolutionary Games on Networks for Modeling Complex Biological and Socio-Economic Phenomena", (Science Without Borders, Program for International Cooperation Italy-Brasil). In collaboration with Prof. J. Zubelli (IMPA).

2008-2011: "How to achieve sustainable water ecosystems management connecting research, people and policy makers in Europe (AWARE)", (EU Project).

2004-2006: "MECOSIND: Master on Industrial Ecology". In collaboration with the Universities of Catalogna, Girona, Barcellona, Firenze, Pescara ("G. D'Annunzio"), Pisa, Universita' Tecnica di Igualada and Peloponneso (EU Project).

2003-2007: "Development of an Information Technology Tool for the Management of European Southern Lagoons (DITTY)" (EU Project).

2007-2009: "Brain Mechanisms, Architectures and Modeling of Cognitive Processes: Theory, Analysis and Experimental Research", supported by the University of Siena in favor of the Centre for the Study of Complex Systems in the framework of the activities of the Graduate College "Santa Chiara".

2001-2004: "Modellizzazione di processi sici e biologici in ecosistemi acquatici a rischio: la laguna di Orbetello" (Tuscany Region).

2000-2006: "Research activities at the CSC: Center for the Study of Complex Systems, University of Siena" (MPS Foundation, Siena).

2000-2004: "Monitoraggio, modellizzazione e analisi della riserva naturale Lago di Montepulciano" (Province of Siena).

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