Welcome on the website of the Decision Methods Laboratory

Laboratorio di Metodologie Decisionali, LaMeD is part of the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione e delle Scienze Matematiche of the University of Siena.


Research Activities

The main research activities of the LaMeD are mainly focused on quantitative models for management problems. The group is active on a number of methodological and application topics, such as combinatorial optimization methods and management problems arising in specific applications.
The main research fields are:
- Scheduling Theory
- Multi-Agent Scheduling Problems
- Complex Planning and Scheduling Problems
- Graph Theory
- Vehicle Routing and Dial-a-Ride Problems
- Discrete Event Simulation
- Demand Forecasting
- Efficiency Analysis


Real-World Applications

The main real-world applications studied are:
- Manufacturing: Resource allocation and scheduling in production systems
- Supply Chain: Activity coordination and planning
- Healthcare: Planning in Operating Theaters, Non-Emergency Transports, Epilepsy prediction
- Transportation: Railway Traffic Management, Airport Management, Vehicle Routing in Healthcare
- Telecomunications: Resource management in telecommunications systems
- Energy: Home appliance scheduling, Active Demand managemet.


Recent Projects

Members of LaMeD have been involved in several projects founded by European Union, Italian Government, Regional Government and private companies:
- STIA4.0 Somminstrazione questionari Industria 4.0 in Toscana
- Panacee Prevision and analysis of brain activity in transitions: epilepsy and sleep
- GeRiCo Gestione Risorse Critiche Ospedaliere
- Forecasting of sales for product and for single store, OVS spa.
- Address Active Distribution networks with full integration of Demand and distributed energy RESourceS



The members of the LaMeD are:
- Alessandro Agnetis
- Paolo Detti
- Simone Gitto
- Gianluca Murgia
- Marco Pranzo
plus temporary members as students, visiting professors and others.



More information and teaching materials of the courses related to the LaMeD are available here.



LaMeD is equipped with more than 15 Personal Computers and Workstations with general and specialized software, such as IBM Cplex and Gurobi (solvers for linear, quadratic and integer programs) and Arena (discrete event simulation environment).