PRE-REQUISITE: you need to enable JAVA-APPLET support in your browser to run this simulator.
You can find some information (last updated 9th November 2018) to run Java in your browser:
How to enable Java in all the major web browsers.
Quick suggestion: you can use FireFox-ESR 52.0.1 (EXTENDED SUPPORT RELEASE) as browser for running Java.
Please wait (1 minute) while JCACHESIM applet loads...
For Java-7 and Java-8 you may need to add this site to the security exception list:
(e.g., for Windows-10 and Windows-8 search "Configure Java", for "Windows-7 search "Java Control Panel" and
add this site to the security_tab/exceptions).
Once the splash screen appears: press "START SIMULATION" and login as guest (no password).