Basicrypt - Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Benchmark Suite
(Last Updated: 2010/07/07)
University of Siena, Italy

Prof. Enrico Martinelli
Prof. Roberto Giorgi
Prof. Sandro Bartolini
Dr. Irina Branovic
Ing. Paolo Bennati


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    Basicrypt benchmark package contains standard and elliptic curve code for Diffie-Hellman key exchange, digital signature algorithm, ElGamal and RSA encryption/decryption. Standard algorithms can be used with various key lengths (1024, 2048, and 3072), while for elliptic curve variants parameter files are defined according to fields and curves recommended in NIST DSS standard FIPS 186-2. Input text files (input_small.asc and test.asc) that we used in running the bencmarks (where it was applicable) are taken from MiBench benchmark suite.
    Public-key benchmarks in Basicrypt package were written using MIRACL C procedures for big integer arithmetic. The MIRACL library consists of over 100 routines that cover all aspects of multiprecision arithmetic and offer procedures for finite field elliptic curve operations.

    Download basicrypt-2.0.2.tar.gz (4 MB)

    How to compile the package:

    1. Unpack the tarball
    2. Enter the Basicrypt directory and type ./make. The Makefile is currently set to use gcc compiler and O3 optimization.

    The files containing public-key methods of Basicrypt are:

    dh.c: Diffie-Hellman key exchange
    ecdhb.c: elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange over binary finite fields
    ecdhp.c: elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange over prime finite fields

    ds.c: digital signature generation/verification
    ecdsb.c: elliptic curve digital signature generation/verification over binary fields
    ecdsp.c: elliptic curve digital signature generation/verification over prime fields

    elg.c: ElGamal encryption/decryption
    ecelgb.c: elliptic curve ElGamal encryption/decryption over binary fields
    ecelgp.c: elliptic curve ElGamal encryption/decryption over prime fields

    rsa.c: RSA encryption/decryption with exponent 65537

    How to use the benchmark

    dh [param.1024, param.2048, param.3072]

    ds [dsparam.1024, dsparam.2048, dsparam.3072] [file_to_sign]

    elg [param.1024, param.2048, param.3072] [file_to_encrypt] [decrypted_file]

    rsa [rsaparam.1024, rsaparam.2048, rsaparam.3072] [file_to_encrypt] [decrypted_file]

    ecdhb [b163.txt, b233.txt, b283.txt, b409.txt, b571.txt]
    ecdhp [p192.txt, p224.txt, p256.txt, p384.txt, p521.txt]

    ecdsb [b163.txt, b233.txt, b283.txt, b409.txt, b571.txt] [file_to_sign]
    ecdsp [p192.txt, p224.txt, p256.txt, p384.txt, p521.txt]

    ecelgb [b163.txt, b233.txt, b283.txt, b409.txt, b571.txt]
    ecelgp [p192.txt, p224.txt, p256.txt, p384.txt, p521.txt]

    A shell script can be used for executing the benchmarks.

    Elliptic curve parameter files

    The elliptic curve methods in the package use parameter files (p192.txt, p224.txt, p256.txt, p384.txt, p521.txt for prime fields,
    b163.txt, b233.txt, b283.txt, b409.txt, b571.txt for binary fields). The number denotes the field size used.
    All field sizes and curves were chosen according to NIST DSS standard, however to add a new curve it is enough to write to corresponding parameter file.
    Parameter files are used for initializing the curve, setting the base point on the curve and setting the irreducible polynomial for multiplication in binary fields.

    NIST curves over binary fields
    curve equation: y^2 + xy = x^3 + x^2 + b
    parameter files: b163.txt, b233.txt, b283.txt, b409.txt, b571.txt

    the first four entries are coefficients of the irreducible polynomial
    (in case that the field has a trinomial, the second two coefficients are zeros)
    curve coefficient b (hex)
    base point x coordinate (hex)
    base point y coordinate (hex)
    the curve order (dec)

    Example: b163.txt

    NIST curves over prime fields
    curve equation: y^2 = x^3 -3x + b
    parameter files: p192.txt, p224.txt, p256.txt, p384.txt, p521.txt

    the prime modulus p (dec)
    the curve coeeficient b (hex)
    base point x coordinate (hex)
    base point y coordinate (hex)
    the curve order (dec)

    Example: p384.txt