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GNN software
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Software and doumentation for GNNs

The GNN simulator has been implemented in Matlab and written by me and Gabriele Monfardini. The toolbox, along with a set of benchamarks, and a short manual is avalable for download in the following.
Version 1.1d fixes a bug which makes learn ruturns the following error "The system seems misconfigured. Run Configure or ConfigurationTool"
Version 1.1c fixes a bug on data set balancing and a bug on comparisonNet testing
Version 1.1b fixes a bug in the procedure makeMutagenicDataset.m. Such a problem affected the results published in [1], Tables 4,5 (only the results achieved by GNNs and not those obtained by RelNNs). We apologize for the inconvenience. We are grateful to Derek Monner, who discovered the bug and sent us the updated version.
  1. W. Uwents, G. Monfardini, H. Blockeel, M. Gori, and F. Scarselli. Neural networks for relational learning: an experimental comparison. Machine Learning, 82(3):315-349, 2011.