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Research Areas

Computer Science

The area of Computer Science encompasses several research topics, spanning from computer architecture and applications to artificial intelligence, machine learning, information retrieval and web technology, e-learning, just to quote some of them.
More specifically, in the field of computer architecture the most relevant research interests concern multi-core/multiprocessor systems, embedded systems architecture and tools, VLSI structures, low-power issues, structures for information security algorithms and protocols, architecture-aware compiler optimizations for memory hierarchy and processing elements, interaction between architecture and applications.
The research in artificial intelligence is mainly dedicated to machine learning theory and its applications. The group has actively participated to the research on theoretical properties of machine learning with a particular focus on neural networks, graph processing, hybrid models and game theory. From an applicative point of view, a particular attention is devoted to image processing, game solving, speech recognition and surveillance. Applications have been developed on automatic caricature generation, image classification, feature detection in image sequences, noise-tolerant speech recognition, object detection in images.
Moreover, an important research activity of the group is related to web mining and, more generally, to the retrieval of information on the web. The applications that have been considered include collaborative environments, recommender systems, name entity recognition, document ranking, text classification and clustering, question answering, web-based crossword solving and crossword generation.
In all these fields, a very deep knowledge, both theoretical and technical, has been developed in the years, thus either providing a sound support to a very intense research activity on basic arguments or allowing the development of many research projects on behalf of Italian, European and overseas public institutions and companies, which allows, among the other, also a consistent annual financial return. In particular, a special attention is given to partnerships with small to medium sized Tuscan Information Technology industries. People working in the area have established long lasting collaborations with universities, research institutions and structures in Italy and abroad, and many cultural exchanges with researchers from several foreign countries are maintained and increased.

Full Professors: Moreno Falaschi, Marco Gori, Marco Maggini, Simone Rinaldi
Associate Professors: Monica Bianchini, Roberto Giorgi, Franco Scarselli, Elisa Benedetta Primavera Tiezzi
Assistant Professors: Sandro Bartolini, Sara Brunetti, Michelangelo Diligenti, Edmondo Trentin
Temporary Assistant Professors: Stefano Melacci
PhD Students: Biagio Peccerillo, Marco Procaccini, Alessandro Rossi
Technical Staff: Simonetta Palmas
External Fellows: Zhang Dong, Filippo Geraci, Paolo Grani

Computer Architecture
Crossword solving and generation
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education: Computers. Teaching and Learning Models. Mobile Computing and Evaluation Processies
Information Security
Machine Learning in Graphical Domains
Pattern Recognition
Problem solving in the continuum setting
Web Mining


Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione e Scienze Matematiche - Via Roma, 56 53100 SIENA - Italy