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Research Areas


The research activity in physics is focused on modeling and experiments on laser spectroscopy and its application. In the recent years the research activity was devoted to design, build, characterize and use optical atomic magnetometers, whose working principle is based on quantum optics phenomena.
We have built devices with demonstrated sensitivities as good as a few tens of femto-Tesla per square-root of Hz in an unshielded environment. These devices made possible several investigations and measurement campaigns in diverse areas. Among these applications it is worth to mention the detection of magneto-cardio-graphic signals, the detection of NMR signals in Ultra-Low-Field regime (we are dealing with the unconventional detection of nuclear magnetic reseonance occurring in microTesla field), measurement of magnetic susceptometry e relaxometry of small, weakly magnetized samples. Recently, in the frame work of a FIRB project, the group is involved in research activity aimed at characterize the magnetic properties of new material having developed for medical and pharmaceutical applications (nano-composite hydrogels containing magneto-nano-particles).

The described activity, in spite of its mainly applicative nature, makes possible also to perform researches of more fundamental nature. For instance, the group had the opportunity of studying (to model and characterize experimentally) the dynamics of spin ensembles evolving in the presence of a static field and of additional non-resonant, non-harmonic alternating fields.

A further research activity is carried on in collaboration with Aerospazio Tecnologie srl, and is devoted to the development of optical diagnostics (based both on conventional and laser spectroscopy) for the characterization of plasma thrusters. People of the group perform also other research activities (not described here above), in collaboration with colleagues both of the University of Siena and of other research Institutions.

Associate Professors: Valerio Biancalana
Assistant Professors: Giuseppe Bevilacqua
External Fellows: Piero Chessa, Antonio Vigilante


Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione e Scienze Matematiche - Via Roma, 56 53100 SIENA - Italy