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Paolo Detti

Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione
e Scienze Matematiche
University of Siena
Via Roma, 56
53100 Siena ITALY

Tel: +39 0577 235892
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S. Niccolò

Research Area Decision and Management Methods
ssd MAT/09
Official Homepage https://docenti.unisi.it/it/detti-0
Personal Homepage http://www3.diism.unisi.it/~detti/
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Paolo Detti is associate professor in Operations Research at the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Siena. Paolo Detti received the Ph.D. degree in Operations Research in 2000 from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” (Italy). From 1996 to 2000 he was with the Department of “Informatica e Automazione” of the University of “RomaTre” of Rome. From February to July 1998 he was visiting researcher at the "Universidad Complutense de Madrid" working with Prof. L. F. Escudero. From 2002 to september 2015, Paolo Detti was assistant professor in Operations Research at the University of Siena (Italy). The research activities of Paolo Detti are mainly focused on solving theoretical and complex real-world scheduling and planning problems, mainly in the area of combinatorial optimization and scheduling. He recently worked on developing models, algorithms and decision support systems for radio resources assignment problems in wireless telecommunications systems, scheduling electric loads for the optimization of the electricity consumptions, and planning and transportation problems in healthcare. Other fields of the research activity of Paolo Detti are: - Single machine scheduling problems with precedence constraints; - Parallel machine and multiprocessor scheduling; - Coordination and scheduling problems in supply chains; - Dominating problems on graphs. Paolo Detti is author of more than 45 publications including International Journals papers, Book Chapters and Proceedings of International Conferences. Partecipation to research projects EU projects: 2003-2007, DITTY "Development of an Information Technology Tool for the Management of European - Southern Lagoons under the influence of river-basin runoff" Development of an Information Technology Tool for the Management of European Southern Lagoons (DITTY); 2008-2012, ADDRESS "ACTIVE DEMAND FOR THE SMART GRIDS OF THE FUTURE", 7th Framework Programme, http://www.addressfp7.org/, http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/home_en.html. National projects: - 1997-1999, CNR Project, "Integrazione Logistica dei sistemi a Rete", Principal InvestigatorProf. Walter Ukovich. - 1998-2000 MURST Project, ``Autocoordinamento di Agenti Autonomi', Principal InvestigatorProf. Fernando Nicolò. - 2000-2002, CNR Project, "La gestione delle emergenze nelle organizzazioni complesse", Principal Investigator Prof. Domenico Campisi. - 2000-2002, CNR Project, "Sistemi logistici integrati: progetto e ottimizzazione", Principal Investigator Prof. Walter Ukovich. - 2000-2002, MURST Project, "Modelli e algoritmi per la pianificazione delle operazioni nei sistemi distribuiti", Principal Investigator Prof. Mario Lucertini. - 2005-2007, Prin Project, “Modelli e algoritmi per il coordinamento e la negoziazione nei sistemi logistici”, Principal Investigator Prof. Riccardo Minciardi. - 2007-2009, Prin Project, “Strategie e meccanismi di coordinamento nei sistemi logistici distribuiti”, Principal Investigator Prof. Riccardo Minciardi. - 2011-2013, PAR FAS REGIONE TOSCANA Project, Line 1.1.a.3, "Ge.Ri.C.O" (Gestione delle Risorse Critiche in ambito Ospedaliero), Principal Investigator Prof. Alessandro Agnetis. Workshop and Conference organizing activity - Member of the organizing committee of the “seconda Scuola CIRO”, Siena, June 17-21, 2002. - Member of the organizing committee of the international conference "Models and Algorithms for Planning and Scheduling Problems" (MAPSP05), Siena, June 6-10, 2005. - Member of the organizing committee of the PhD school “Advanced Course on Discrete Optimization”, by Prof. Egon Balas, Siena, June, 3-6, 2008. - Chair of the organizing committee of the conference “Airo 2009”, Siena, September 8-11, 2009. Reviewer activity Reviewer for the following international journals: Computers & Operations Research, Computer Communications, Discrete Applied Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, European Journal of Operational Research, IEEE Communications Letters, Information Processing Letters, International Journal of Flexible Manufacturing Systems, International Journal of Production Research, Management Science, Parallel Computing, Theoretical Computer Science. Teaching activity From 2000, Paolo Detti carries out regular teaching activity in master degree courses (for a detailed information of the teaching activity see the link http://www.dii.unisi.it/~detti/Currwebita.html#Didattica (in Italian)).



Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione e Scienze Matematiche - Via Roma, 56 53100 SIENA - Italy