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Andrea Sorbi

Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione
e Scienze Matematiche
University of Siena
Via Roma, 56
53100 Siena ITALY

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S. Niccolò

Research Area Mathematical Logic and Foundations
ssd MAT/01
Official Homepage https://docenti.unisi.it/it/sorbi
Personal Homepage http://www3.diism.unisi.it/~sorbi/
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CURRICULUM VITAE ET STUDIORUM (Andrea Sorbi) ADDRESS: Department of Information Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, University of Siena, Via Roma 56, 53100 Siena, Italy email: andrea.sorbi@unisi.it phone: +39-0577-234850 (ext. 1166) fax: +39-0577-233602 EDUCATIONAL AND PROFESSIONAL RECORD 1975 High School Diploma in Classical Studies 1979 Laurea in Matematica (cum laude; University of Siena, Italy) 1987 PhD in Mathematics (CUNY, New York, 1987): Thesis "The Fine Structure of the Medvedev Lattice and the Partial Degrees" 1984-present: (1984-1991) Assistant Professor (University of Siena) (1991-2001) Associate Professor (University of Siena) (2001-present) Full Professor (Professor of Mathematical Logic Mat01) (University of Siena) 1989-90 Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Queens College, New York Fall 1997 Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin, Madison October 2007, June 2008, October 2010, May 2014, August 2105 Visiting Scholar at the Faculty of Sciences of the Al-Farabi Kazakhstan National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan March 2011 Visiting Fellow: University of Wisconsin at Madison April-May 2011 Visiting: University of California at Berkeley February 11-March 3, 2012 Cambridge (UK), Visiting Fellow: Isaac Newton Centre for the Mathematical Sciences October 2012, September 2014 Visiting at the East Kazakhstan Technical State University, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan 2001-2008 Director of the Graduate School LOMIT (Mathematical Logic and Theoretical Computer Science) of the University of Siena 2002-2005 Director of Undergraduate Studies in Mathematics, at the University of Siena 2007-2010 Director of Undergraduate Studies in Mathematics, at the University of Siena TEACHING: He has taught in the past at the University of Siena several course, including: Istituzioni di Matematiche (Fundamentals of Mathematics), Boolean Algebra, Recursion Theory, Theoretical Computer Science. He is currently teaching: Complementi di Matematica (Additional topics in Mathematics), Computability Theory. Supervisor of several undergraduate, Master's, and PhD theses. GRANTS AND RESEARCH PROJECTS 1979-80 Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche: fellowship 1983-85 Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche: fellowship 1985-1986 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation: PhD fellowship 1992-1996 BC-MURST Research Project grant no. ROM/889/92/81 (Leeds-Siena) "Computability Relative to Imperfect Data Bases" 1994-1997 Coordinator of the European network "Complexity, Logic and Recursion Theory" (COLORET), EC Human Capital and Mobility, Contract no. ERBCHRXCT930415 (network consisting of: Siena, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Heidelberg, Leeds, Turin) 1995-1997 Coordinator of the European PECO (cooperation with Eastern European countries and countries from the former Soviet Union) action: Supplementary Agreement no. ERBCIPDCT940615 to the COLORET contract (extension to: Prague, Kazan, Novosibirsk) 01/01/2000-31/12/2002 INTAS-RFBR project "Computability and Models" (coordinated by Barry Cooper in Leeds), no. 97-2139: main scientist in Siena 01/07/01-30/06/2004 Coordinator of the INTAS project no. 00499 "Computability in Hierarchies and Topological Spaces" (Siena, Siegen, Novosibirsk, Almaty) 01/06/2002-30/11/2002 Scientific supervisor of an Outreach-Nato Fellowship 01/08/2002-31/07/2006 Participant in the International Joint Project "New Directions in the Theory and Applications of Models of Computation", No.60310213, coordinated by Angsheng Li (Beijing, Institute of Software) 01/03/2003-28/02/2005 Scientific supervisor of a Marie Curie IntraEuropean Individual Fellowship (Contract no. HPMF-CT-2002-01828) 01/12/2005-30/11/2007 Scientific supervisor of a Marie Curie IntraEuropean Individual Fellowship (Contract no. MEIF-CT-2005-023657) 02/11/2006-1/11/2008 Scientific supervisor of a Marie Curie International Individual Fellowship (Contract no. MIFI-CT-2006-021702) April-June 2006 INTAS Young Scientist Supervisor; Contract. no. INTAS YSF 04-83-3310 June-October 2007 INTAS Young Scientist Supervisor; Contract. no. INTAS YSF 05-109-4919 2008-2010 Italian coordinator of the Executive Programme of Scientific and Technological Co-operation between the Italian Republic and the Republic of South Africa; project named "Borel Complexity in Computable Analysis" (between the University of Siena and the University of Cape Town) 01/02/2009-31/01/2011 2008/R2 Joint project grant (Royal Society, with Barry Cooper, Leeds University). 2008-14 "Computability with partial information", sponsored by BNSF, Contract No: D002-258/18.12.08, coordinated by Ivan Soskov, Sofia University. PRIN 2012 ``Logica Modelli e Insiemi'', participant RECENT MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES Oberwolfach 28/01/1996-03/02/1996 Rekursiontheorie, invited Barcelona 25-29/03/1996 3rd COLORET workshop: conference "Recent results on the enumeration degrees of the $Sigma^0_2$ sets", invited Bejing 20-24/05/1996 The 6th Asian Logic Colloquium: talk "Cupping and noncupping in the $Sigma^0_2$ enumeration degrees" Genova 24-26/10/1996 XVI Incontro di Logica Matematica: talk "Calcolabilita' relativa di funzioni parziali: alcuni risultati sulla struttura locale" Leeds 7-13/7/1997 Logic Colloquium '97: talk "Branching in the enumeration degrees of the $Sigma^0_2$ sets" Kazan 14-19/7/1997 Workshop in Recursion Theory and Complexity: talk "Density in the $Delta^0_2$ e-degrees", invited Madison (University of Wisconsin) 2/09/1997 Southern Wisconsin Logic Colloquium: conference "Enumeration reducibility" Milwakee 24-25/10/1997 Meeting of the American Mathematical Society, Special Session in Computability Theory: talk "Hypersimplicity and the enumeration degrees below $mathbf{0}^prime_e$}", invited Ithaca (Cornell University) 6/11/1997: conference "The problem of embedding finite lattices into the $Sigma^0_2$ enumeration degrees" Chicago (The University of Chicago ) 21/11/1997: conference "The problem of embedding finite lattices into the $Sigma^0_2$ enumeration degrees} Siena 27-30/4/1998 XVIII Incontro di Logica Matematica, conference "Embeddings and extensions of embeddings in the $Sigma^0_2$ enumeration degrees" Boulder (Colorado), 13-17 June 1999, AMS Summer Research Conference on Computability Theory and Applications, invited talk "Open Problems in the Enumeration Degrees" Novosibirsk (Russia), August 1999, Mal'tsev Meeting, Coorganizer of Special Session in: Computability Theory, and invited talk "Embedding results in the enumeration degrees" Novosibirsk (Russia), May 2000, Mal'tsev Meeting, International Conference ``Logic and Applications'', honouring Yu. L. Ershov on his 60th birthday; and of the International Conference on Mathematical Logic, honouring A. L. Malt'sev on his 90th birthday anniversary and the 275th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences Oberwolfach (Germany), January 2001, Computability Theory, invited Novosibirsk (Russia), September 2001, International Workshop on Computability Theory: PROGRAM COMMITTEE member, and invited talk "Complete numberings and completions}" Almaty (Kazakhstan), June 2002, Computability and Models: PROGRAM COMMITTEE member Münster (Germany); August 2002, Logic Colloquium 2002: coorganizer of the Special Session in Computability Theory Heidelberg (Germany), June 2003, Workshop on: Computability and Logic, invited Beijing (China), May 2004, Workshop Computability Theory and Its Applications, invited talk Turin (Italy), July 2004, Logic Colloquium 2004: PROGRAM COMMITTEE member Kunming (China) May 2005, {Computation and Logic 05: invited talk Amsterdam (Holland), June 2005, CiE2005-New Paradigms of Computation: PROGRAM COMMITTEE member Singapore, July-August 2005, Computational Prospects on Infinity, invited talk Bristol (UK), September 2005, British Logic Colloquium 2005, invited talk Beijing (China), May 15-20 2006, TAMC 2006- Theory and Applications of Models of Computation: PROGRAM COMMITTEE member Swansea (UK), June 30-July 5 2006, CiE2006-Logical Approaches to Computational Barrier: PROGRAM COMMITTEE member Siena (Italy), June 18-23, emph{CiE2007-Computation and Logic in the Real World}, Chair of the Organizing Committee Changsha (China), May 18-22, 2009, Theory and Applications of Models of Computation (TAMC2009), talk "Strong positive reducibilities", invited talk in the Special Session on: Models of Computation Heidelberg (Germany), July 19-24, 2009, Computability in Europe 2009 (Cie2009), invited plenary talk "Computing using positive information" Ponta Delgada (Azores, Portugal), July 5-6, 2010 Workshop on Computability Theory 2010 (Satellite workshop to: Computability in Europe 2010 (Cie2010), June 30-July 4, 2010), invited talk "The Medvedev lattice and intermediate propositional logics" Novosibirsk (Russia), May 2-6, 2010, Mal'tsev Meeting, invited plenary talk "The Medvedev lattice and intermediate propositional logics" Almaty (Kazakstan), 30-10/01-11, 2010, International scientific conference Computability and Models, PROGRAM COMMITTEE member Barcelona (Spain), July 11-16 2011, Logic Colloquium 2011, PROGRAM COMMITTEE member Novosibirsk (Russia), October 11-14, 2011, Mal'tsev Meeting, invited plenary talk talk "Positive Equivalence Relations and Reducibility" Oberwolfach (Germany), February 5-11, 2012, "Computability Theory", invited Cambridge, June 11-16, 2012, The Incomputable, SAS Special session, invited talk "Classifying Computably Enumerable Equivalence Relations" Evora, July 22-27, 2013, ASL European Meeting, contributed talk "Downwards density and incomparability in initial segments of the enumeration degrees" Singapore, April 20-30, 2015, Sets and Computation, invited talk "Computably enumerable equivalence relations" Novosibirsk, May 1-7, {Mal'tsev Meeting, invited plenary talk "Dialectical and quasi-dialectical systems: two approaches to trial-and-error mathematics" Siena, September 7-13, 2015, XX Congresso Unione Matematica Italiana: member of the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE RESEARCH Computability theory: Enumeration Reducibility and Enumeration Degrees Theory of Numberings Inductive inference Formal Languages. AFFILIATIONS American Mathematical Society (AMS) Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL) Unione Matematica Italiana (UMI) Associazione Italiana di Logica e Applicazioni (AILA) SERVICE TO THE RESEARCH COMMUNITY Editor of "Journal of Universal Computer Science" Member of the "Membership Committee" of the Association for Symbolic Logic (2010-2011) Member of the Steering Committee of "Computability in Europe", and member of the CiE Board until 2010



Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione e Scienze Matematiche - Via Roma, 56 53100 SIENA - Italy