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Marco Mugnaini

Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione
e Scienze Matematiche
University of Siena
Via Roma, 56
53100 Siena ITALY

Tel: +390577235969
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S. Niccolò

Research Area Electronics and Measurements
ssd ING-INF/07
Official Homepage https://docenti.unisi.it/it/mugnaini-0
Personal Homepage http://emrg.diism.unisi.it/index.php/13-people/assistant-professors/11-marco-mugnaini
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http://leeme.dii.unisi.it/u_mugnaini_eng.html EDUCATION Ph.D. in Reliability Availability and Logistics, University of Florence, Italy, 2003 Laurea Degree (110/110 cum Laude) in Electronics Engineering with major in Non Linear Automatic Controls, University of Florence, Italy, 1999 High School diploma from Liceo Scientifico Antonio Gramsci Firenze, Italy, 1993 EXPERIENCE Faculty and Professor at the Electrical and Electronics Technology Dept. at the Higher Colleges of Technology Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2012 - present Assistant Professor at the University of Siena (Manager of the electronics training lab.), University of Siena, Italy, 2005-2012 Co-founder of the SENSIA SrL Company, Italy, 2008 www.sensia.it Co-founder of the DESMOWEB SrL Company, Italy, 2009 www.desmoweb.com Product Safety Engineer at General Electric (GE) Power System Oil and Gas Division with the responsibility of leading the design for safety of five production sites (AC Compressor, Gemini, Rotoflow, Thermodyn, PII), Florence, Italy, 2003-2005. Consultant for Borri Industrial Power Solutions S.p.A. 2002-2011 Consultant for Astrid Energy Enterprises S.p.A. 1999-2000 Teacher and Consultant for CETACE, Magnetek S.p.A. 1999-2000 Teacher IFOA relating to areas of reliability for electronics and mechanics. 1999 CERTIFICATIONS Certified as Labview Associate Developer Green Belt Certified CAP (Change Acceleration Process) Certified MEMBERSHIPS IEEE Member since 2003 HONORS & AWARDS In 2003 Marco Mugnaini received the award for the best National Ph.D. thesis in the maintenance context from CNIM (National Italian Center for Maintenance) SERVICE ACTIVITIES Associate Editor of the International Journal of Power Electronics and Drives Organizing committee member of IEEE student competition UAE, 2013 Stirring Committee of IEEE student competition UAE, 2013 Judges Coordinator of IEEE student competition UAE, 2013 Director of the educational Electronics and Electronic Measurement Laboratory. 2006 RAV member (Faculty auto evaluation board) Member of the Board of Electronic and Telecommunication Branch since 2010 Associate Technical Program Chair for the following Conferences: IEEE Sensor application Symposium (IEEE SAS) IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems, Signals & Devices SSD IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement I2MTC Rector delegate for the Safety Manager Intra Faculty Regional Organization since 2010 Reviewer for IEEE Transaction on Instrumentation and Measurement, for IEEE Transaction on Neural Networks Journals, JCST and IEEE IMSC coordinator. Member of the Ph.D. School Board in Bionformatics University of Siena from 2010 TEACHING EXPERIENCE Since 2012 He is with the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of the Higher Colleges of Technology and is instructor of the following courses: • Instrumentation and Control • Electrical Maintenance and Testing • Health and Safety • Power system Analysis • Power Generation and Distribution Since 2005 He is with the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Study of Siena as Assistant Professor. During his career he had the ownership of the following classes in the Electronic and Telecommunication branch. In charge of (Siena): (a.y. 2004/2005) Electric and Electronic Measurements (a.y. 2005/2006) Electric and Electronic Measurements (a.y. 2006/2007) Electric and Electronic Measurements (a.y. 2007/2008) Electronic Measurements Laboratory (a.y. 2007/2008) Electric and Electronic Measurements (a.y. 2008/2009) Electronic Measurements Laboratory (a.y. 2008/2009) Electric and Electronic Measurements (a.y. 2009/2010) Electric and Electronic Measurements (a.y. 2010/2011) Reliability and Design for Safety Support for (Siena): (a.y. 2005/2006) Measurements for Automation (a.y. 2006/2007) Measurements for Automation (a.y. 2005/2006) Electronic Systems (a.y. 2006/2007) Electronic Systems Support for (Florence): (a.y. 2000/2001) Reliability and Quality Control (a.y. 2001/2002) Measurement for Diagnosis (a.y. 2002/2003) Reliability and Quality Control INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS & PATENTS 2012 Got funding for a four year project PerovSkite based Sensors Artificial Olfactory System (PSAOS) from US Army RDECOM ACQ CTR - W911NF (250000€) 2011 he started a project on smart grid jointly with Borri SpA received funding for 45000€. 2009-2010 he was able to attract founding for about 120000€ from General Electric for the development of torsion measurement systems and for the development of new displacement and chemical sensing systems. 2010 he was able to get a grant of 478000€ from Regione Toscana for the development of a smart grid measurement device to detect islanding conditions Patents: As indicated in the selected Publication list in 2008 and in 2010 respectively he developed together with other colleagues two patents (one national and the latter International) on a new kind of three electrode amperometric sensor for NOx detection.


Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione e Scienze Matematiche - Via Roma, 56 53100 SIENA - Italy